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Our planet is in trouble. We’ve plundered her finite resources with no concern for the future. The climate crisis is here. Species are disappearing at rapid rates.

But, we can change this. Together, we can be the solution.

If we work together to act now we can heal the harm to our earth.

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia is cultivating change todayWe nurture incredible young leaders through our Roots & Shoots program. We collaborate with local communities across Africa to empower young women - so animals, people and environment happily co-exist. We rehabilitate rescued chimps at our Tchimpounga sanctuary. We promote our founder's vision to inspire millions to turn hope into action.

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“If we care about the future of our children, and their children, if we care about the health of the natural world, we must get together and take action. Now. Before it is too late.”

Our commitment

By becoming a regular donor to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, we make you a promise. 

Your regular gift will create a healthy future for our planet. You'll be restoring habitats, funding nature educationprotecting endangered chimps and promoting hope to all. Your monthly support will help where it's needed most, all year long.

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How we turn hope into action


Our founder's message of hope is more important than ever, inspiring millions.

With your help, we can encourage millions more to embrace the interconnectedness of life on earth and turn hope into action - for many generations to come.


Improving the lives of young people living alongside forests, helps wildlife and our shared environment.

We increase education access, to create more opportunity, reduce reliance on natural resources - protecting habitats, biodiversity and climate.


Our youth program connects young people to our earth, while nurturing the next generation of environmental leaders.

We equip them to create solutions in this changing world - from school resources to local projects to leadership training.


We always help a chimp in need!

Your donation funds Jane's beloved Gombe National Park and the Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre for injured and rescued endangered chimps - securing the future of humanity's closest relative.

Our stories

Kya King


Kya, 12, witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of the black summer bushfires. Her local hills were black, animals gone and her neighbours had lost everything.

Kya created a plan to help. She applied for and won a Roots and Shoots Mini Grant to grow native shrubs and flowers, plus vegetables, to replace what was lost.

She researched, purchased seeds and soil, then propagated. The plants grew well. She gave over 650 native, herb, pollinator and vegetable plants to local people and community gardens.

Kya's project provided food and homes for animals, while lifting human spirits. Roots & Shoots enabled Kya to embrace her passion for helping people and environment, while learning valuable life skills.

“Together, we can do so much. I believe we have barely begun to discover what humans are truly capable of when we become engaged, when we work together, and when we take constructive action to build a world that is worthy of the dreams of our children.”


Everything is interconnected

Together we can be the change we want to see in the world.

With your donation, we can infuse more hearts with hope.

With your gift we can enable human and wildlife communities to flourish together.

With your help we can grow the powerful potential of youth leaders.


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