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The Roots & Shoots School Resource Box includes four enthralling, exclusive books by acclaimed Natural Historian, Stewart Macpherson: Amazing Australia, Local Safari, Incredible Earth and What on Earth. These beautiful, hardback titles will engage and inform readers and also provide connections with local wildlife and natural habitats.

About the books:-

Amazing Australia

Australia is home to an amazing diversity of native wildlife. Over 200,000 species of animals, at least 34,000 kinds of plants, and 250,000 types of living fungi and lichen have been recorded so far. Most of our native biodiversity occurs no where else on earth. This book takes you on a journey to explore our continent's habitats, to understand native eco systems and to discover the Amazing range of life that call Australia home.

Local Safari

You don’t need to travel to distant jungles to see spectacular wildlife. Australia is surrounded by fascinating animals, plants and diverse ecosystems, even in our city centres. This book offers over seventy easy, safe and ethical ways to discover the nature of your local area, and better understand and care for the world in which we live. So, discover the wildlife near you and have your own local safari adventures, with this stunning Hard-cover, full gloss edition by Stewart McPherson 2020.

What On Earth

What is your favourite animal? A rabbit, a cat or a dog? Perhaps it is on okapi, a jerboa or a pangolin....or one of the 1.5 million other animal species that call this world home? Discover the amazing animals you have never heard of as Stewart McPherson brings you this extraordinary line up in this foil gloss hardcover limited edition.

Incredible Earth

The geography of Earth is incredible, and Stewart McPherson brings it out in this superb hard-cover, pictorial celebration of geographic wonder and diversity. Lava Lakes, rainbow mountains, lost worlds, glowing waters, blood falls, mud volcanoes and blue holes. Discover these, and many more of our planet’s most amazing spectacles

You can also buy all four books individually, priced $49.50 each:-

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