Become a member of the JGIA Peak Society

Make a significant impact on the work Jane started over sixty years ago.

Jane’s Peak Society is the leadership giving program of the Jane Goodall Institute. Comprised of our strongest allies, these members enable the Jane Goodall Institute to turn Jane’s vision and our mission into a reality.
This support helps us maintain the highest quality of programming in groundbreaking science and research, chimpanzee welfare and rehabilitation, community-centered conservation, and youth empowerment to create a better world for all.
Our hope is that through Jane’s Peak Society, you will find a source of inspiration and energy through association with this forward-thinking, committed and influential group of peers and professionals.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. 

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Dr Jane Goodall

Tuhaise Mary -Nyabigoma Primary School, Hoima
“I was suffering too much, I didn't know how to help myself. The boys are laughing, you feel ashamed. You are absent from school because you fear other children, that they will laugh at you, so you stay at home.

"So you cut your clothes to use them. I thank JGI very much for their sanitary pads. They have helped me and my friends so much!"

Tuhaise Mary - Nyabigoma Primary School, Hoima.

“The number of girls attending classes and performance has improved. Boys no longer laugh at girls on their periods: they understand it's a natural part of life."

"I have a better understanding of the challenges girls face and really love being a part of the positive impact the Girls Empowerment proejct has on others."

Rubinah, Teacher - Kasongoire Primary School, Budongo

“Unless we do something to alleviate poverty, there is no way we can save chimpanzees or the forests."

- Dr. Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE. Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace.