Saturday, 24 February 2018 / Published in Jane, News
In case you missed it, our very own Dr Jane featured in the latest Good Weekend in The Age / Sydney Morning Herald. The article about how “we can put the world on the right track: why Jane Goodall isn’t slowing down” talks of her crusade to save chimpanzees and continued fight for animal rights.
Monday, 19 February 2018 / Published in News, Roots & Shoots
On this day back in 1991, Roots & Shoots was born with a small group of concerned young citizens gathering on Dr Jane’s porch in Tanzania. Today, Roots & Shoots is a global network of young people (from preschool to university) taking action on behalf of animals, people and our shared environment and making a difference in almost
Thursday, 01 February 2018 / Published in News
We are of course also on a mission at JGIA: “to inspire actions that connect people with animals and our shared environment”. We are really looking forward to the year ahead and want to extend a special welcome back to school to all of our Roots & Shoots members! We know that the start of
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 / Published in Jane, News
Dr Jane Goodall is on a mission: to inspire people around the world to live harmoniously with nature, one another, and the other species that share our planet. Towards the end of last year, Jane shared with us her wish for 2018, and helped us launch into a year of action and hope. This year, to
Monday, 08 January 2018 / Published in Chimp Updates, News
As Dr. Jane Goodall discovered nearly 60 years ago, chimpanzees are so like us; complex and intelligent beings sharing much of our emotions like fear, compassion, and love. When considering these traits, one chimpanzee, in particular, stands out: Her name is Wounda. You may have seen Wounda in the Jane Goodall Institute video depicting what Dr. Jane
Saturday, 06 January 2018 / Published in News
During December, members of our Roots & Shoots team and JGIA Board of Directors attended the 10th Asia for Animals Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. Under the theme of “Changing Human Behaviour”, it was an extraordinary four days of conference followed by a tour of Chitwan National Park and Tiger Tops elephant camp. Hosted by our friends, JGI Nepal, on the first day of
Monday, 01 January 2018 / Published in News
As 2017 draws to a close, we extend our thanks for your support this year and all that you do to help us make this world a better place, from all of us at JGIA, and all of the JGI chapters and Roots & Shoots groups worldwide. Thank you for helping us protect chimpanzees and
Monday, 01 January 2018 / Published in News, Roots & Shoots
We have certainly ended 2017 with a bang with some outstanding Roots & Shoots Australia projects. First were two projects from Kalkie State School in Bundaberg. A group of seven-year-old students designed and illustrated 100% cotton “Fantastic Not Plastic” shopping bags, to encourage not using plastic bags. They presented these gorgeous 20 bags to special guests, including