Helping chimps this Christmas

With just a couple of hundred chimps left in Burundi, the survival of every individual counts. The Jane Goodall Institute Australia are working with colleagues on the ground to build a new future for rescued chimps - complete with a chimp rehab centre, specialist veterinarian, caregiver staff and community educators. Flora will also join fellow rescued chimps Kita and Joy, who’ll all be nursed back to full health by our staff.

Flora likes to play with visitors. She hates aggression. She likes to have a human environment all the time.
Kita likes to see that she is taken care of by various care and treatment.
Joy likes to dance with the children.

With dedicated local staff we can increase our local conservation work, protecting Burundi’s tiny but vital chimp population from poachers, deforestation and human conflict, plus increase community advocacy.

Your gift today will give Flora, Kita, Joy and hundreds more chimps a happy, healthy new home - plus create hope for chimps across the East Africa region.

Forests need chimps

It is estimated that there are only 250 chimps left in Burundi. Once well established in forests, chimpanzees are now difficult to find outside Kibira, Rumonge and Vyanda parks. Fragmentation and degradation of forests, thanks to hunting, land clearing foe settlement and agriculture, plus human conflicts, has caused their decline. 

Both a keystone and umbrella species, chimps are vital for forest survival. As seed dispersers and germinators, if the chimps disappear so do many plants, followed by many animals, then the ecosystem collapse.

Where will your money go?

Our biggest priority is diet: $110 provides Flora with one month’s food. We will then recruit two staff members: one caregiver to look after Flora, Kita and Joy plus one community educator, to avoid human-chimp conflicts, which has already worked well in Uganda.

Health care is another big cost, with annual and monthly check ups needed per chimp, plus treatment or and contraception for the females - averaging $600 per year, per chimp.

With your generosity we will be able to train one specialist chimpanzee vet in Burundi, thanks to the help of Gorilla Doctors in Congo DRC, reducing travel costs and improving chimp health.

Why Burundi?

Burundians are very respectful of chimpanzees: they value the connection between us and our fellow great apes. Despite Burundi being densely populated with little natural habitat, wildlife still thrives.The locals know that protecting chimps means protecting many other species. If we help chimps we help the entire forest.

Burundi needs a healthy environment to thrive economically and socially. Forests are vital to stabilise the local climate, replenish soils and provide many resources local communities depend on. Yet the forests are under threat. Humans need forests, and therefore chimps. For over 25 years JGIA has worked to protect these last natural forests, plus expand areas where wildlife and humans can cohabit, so Burundi can thrive.

Stop Flora being poached

By stopping the illegal chimp trade in Burundi, we positively impact neighbouring countries. Burundi and Rwanda are geographical blockers to poachers from Tanzania and Congo. By stopping access to international trade links we reduce poachers' impact - and keep chimps like Flora safe.

Wildlife authorities also need the right facilities to place rescued animals in order to uphold the law. Without these safe spaces the re-emerging illegal trade will expand.

If we help build rehab centres, to create a happy healthy home for Kita and more, policing will restart and poaching will end.

Join Dr Goodall's mission

The Jane Goodall Institute remains the global leader in chimpanzee welfare. We have always been as concerned for individual welfare as with the population - and their local community.

Jane will never turn her back on a chimp in need.

Please give what you can to join us today to secure a safe future for Flora - and all East Africa's chimps - today and for many generations in the future.