Our Team


Nancy Moloney, CEO nancy@janegoodall.org.au

“I joined the JGIA family because I believe in the messages of hope and inspiration. From our legacy of chimps in Africa to our future of young people in Roots & Shoots, our purpose has always been to inspire actions that help each one of us to make a difference. Nothing compares to seeing a young face light up when they realise that they can, and do, make a difference.”

NKM Photo Nicky Kim-McCormack, Finance & Operations, Chimp Guardian 
admin@janegoodall.org.au / chimp@janegoodall.org.au“I believe that protecting our animals and their environment is the biggest and most complex challenge for current and future generations. We can no longer afford to deal with such challenges halfheartedly or with singularity. I am excited to be part of JGIA’s purpose which encompasses all – the animals, people and our environment.“
Natasha Natasha Coutts, Roots & Shoots National Coordinator, Mobile Phone Recyling & Palm Oil Campaigns  rootsandshoots@janegoodall.org.au / recycle@janegoodall.org.au  / palmoil@janegoodall.org.au

“JGIA actively supports and embodies many of the ideals that I aim to live by: care, compassion, understanding and preservation of all people, animals and the environment.”

For more information on Roots & Shoots and our amazing State Coordinators, visit our Roots & Shoots website.

 Janey-K Janey Kennedy, National Youth Leadership Council Coordinator – youth@janegoodall.org.au

“Through Roots & Shoots, I have grown up hearing Jane Goodall’s message that ‘each one of us can make a difference’. This is what’s motivated me to contribute to improving the state of our planet and its communities. Now my goal is to inspire other youth to join us in actively creating a kind, peaceful and sustainable world where we value all living things.”

For more information on our inspiring National Youth Leadership Council members, visit our Roots & Shoots website.

Debby Veldstra, Technical Advisor – info@janegoodall.org.au

“I volunteer for JGIA because I believe in making a difference. JGIA’S APE philosophy combines the importance of animals, people and the environment. By focusing on these three areas, JGIA provides a holistic view of the future.”

Michelle Michelle Shepherd, Mediamichelle@janegoodall.org.auJGIA Facebook

“Like JGIA, I believe that knowledge leads to understanding, and that understanding will encourage us to take action. Each one of us can make a difference to animals, people and the environment if we simply know how.”

GetAttachment[1]  Sue Conos, Merchandiseshop@janegoodall.org.auBeing involved with JGIA and Roots & Shoots gave me the opportunity to meet people who care about animals, people and the environment – similar to myself, and be comfortable in that space.”
Claire Strohfeldt Claire Strohfeldt, Supporter Relations – supporterrelations@janegoodall.org.au
Polly  Polly Cevallos, Australian Representative on JGI Global Board – polly@janegoodall.org.au